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Maintain privacy with canadafree   

A typical cell phone is a sophisticated tracking device which knows your identity and tracks your location and activities.  It uses features such as WiFi scanning to compile a complete time-stamped history of your whereabouts.  It knows where you have been and who you have been with.  The typical phone also collects information on your activities (sites visited, purchases made, messages sent etc).  All of this information about you is regularly sent off to Google or Apple for their subsequent use or sale.

If you have concerns with 'Big Tech' compiling all this information about you then you should consider a canadafree de-googled or Linux based phone.

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tracking location on phone
google spies on you

canadafree Privacy

  • no tracking of your location history
  • no tracking of your app usage
  • no "device fingerprinting"
  • no "contact tracing"
phone apps

canadafree Functions

Our de-googled phones have all the functions you are familiar with.  Add more free apps as required.  See our FAQ page for more information on the specific apps that are available.

high quality phones

canadafree Phones

  • pixel and other high quality devices
  • inexpensive
  • free cases to protect your new phone
  • available in your choice of O/S - LineageOS, GrapheneOS or Ubuntu Touch (Pixel 3a/3aXL only)
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Phone OS Options



most popular custom ROM for Android

free and open source operating system

user friendly, polished user interface

supported by a range of cell phones

runs most Android phone applications



privacy and security focused OS for Android

free and open source operating system

less colourful user interface

supported by Pixel cell phones only

runs most Android phone applications

ubuntu operating system

Ubuntu Touch (Linux)

mobile version of Ubuntu OS

free and open source operating system

completely different user interface to Android

supported by few phones (eg. Pixel 3a/3aXL)

has it's own set of applications

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